If you would like a Portrait just send me an email with a photo.

The clearer the Photo is, will produce a much better resemblance or likeness.

I use various painting and pencil media depending on the photo subject.

I prefer not to draw Babies, so preferably over three years of age at least thanks.

Pets are fine too by the way.

The cost is 25 euros (approximately 34 dollars) for an unframed Portrait on heavy Watercolour paper.  140 lb. 12in x 9in

Shipping / Postal is free.

I will draw your Portrait and email you back with the result, and you are under ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION to buy it unless you like it.

I'll reply with the finished drawing within 3 to 5 days.

Please send your photo to decirwin@gmail.com with "PORTRAIT" in the subject line.

Payments can be made by either Snail-Mail or Collection if you are near.

Details will be in a response E-mail.

Thanks, Dec. :O)


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